Encourage – Role of Husband

  • Great job reaching out for mentoring regarding your role as a husband.  That takes courage.
  • Read any of the helpful Scriptures listed in this guide and discuss this with me
  • Read one of the FamilyLife articles related to this topic and discuss this material with me
  • Remember that God has not only commanded you to become a servant leader, but He is there to equip you for the job!
  • Remember that you are not alone in this.  Understanding servant leadership is a challenge for many Christian men.
  • Go connect with other men in a Men’s Fraternity group for accountability and growth
  • Read through Portrait of a Godly Husband, meditate on the Scriptures listed there, and discuss this with me
  • Confess where you have fallen short and ask God for the strength to change anything He wants changed
  • Offer unconditional love to your wife by putting her needs before your own.
  • Thank God that He did not wait for us to stop sinning before He loved us—we would be in tough shape if He did
  • Take the initiative to lovingly lead (and serve) and trust God to teach your wife to fill her godly role over time
  • Look to Jesus for guidance every day since He was the perfect model of servant leadership
  • You don’t have to be perfect before you start to lead your wife.  In fact, you do not really have to qualify for the role because God has given it to you like it or not!
  • Start by first being submissive to God and then taking initiative to lead your wife and family
  • Find one or two other husbands and meet with them regularly for mutual accountability and shared wisdom
  • Set your goal to love your wife as Christ loved the church
  • You should realize that although you will never lead perfectly, God will honor your efforts and is faithful to forgive times of failure
  • Discuss with your spouse how you see your roles divided.  Then discuss how you each feel about that.
  • Talk about any changes you would like to make in your current roles.
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